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About Financial Ask

The Financial Ask Provides Financial Information about Stock Trading, Investing and Personal Finance. This free website’s information will help you to take better decision about personal finance and stock business.

Financial Ask’s Writer

Mr. Rasel Ahmed is the founder and writer of “Financial Ask“. Professionally, he is a Cost Accountant. Moreover, he is a stock trader, investor and finance content writer. In his free time, he likes to share financial experience to you. Literally, stock business is very risky and sensitive business. So, the more financial information about stock market you have, the better for you to take accurate decision.

Moreover, he writes about personal finance management so that you can achieve financial freedom. From his writing, you will get information about stock investing strategies, fundamental analysis and technical analysis. This website specializes on stock market and personal finance management. By following FA, you can flourish your skill on stock business and finance management.

Stay connected with FA

If you have any ask about stock market and finance management, you can communicate with us by this mentioned email. Moreover, you can follow our Facebook Page. We share update on Linked In Page. Follow our post on Twitter to get more information. You also can share your thought through FA.

Financial Ask disclaimer

Financial Ask always tries to share accurate information. The writer writes on the basis of his experience and study. So, he may be incorrect in some cases. This site provides financial information for learning purpose.

So this website is not responsible for any mistake you make by using this site’s information. Moreover, FA just shares stock market and personal finance information. It doesn’t suggest any buying or selling decision. You should use your experience and skill to take decision. FA just helps you to take better decision.

What can help you

The learning world is free to all. If you have wish, you can learn. By learning and experience, you can conquer the journey of investing. Stock market investing is for prudent investors. Therefore, mediocre business knowledge is not sufficient to excel in stock trading. Therefore, you should develop your investing skill. FA is ready to help you.


Financial Ask’s present location is Chittagong, Bangladesh. You can contact us by Contact Page.

Moreover, you can Email us by info.financialask@gmail.com