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Best Business in Bangladesh- Education Business

Best Business in Bangladesh (2023)- Education Business


Education business is the best business in Bangladesh. As Bangladesh has large students, Government educational institutions aren’t able to room for all students. Hence, private coaching centers, schools, colleges, universities and training institutes are expanding to offer service to many students.

How many student enrollments in Bangladesh?

According to USAid report, Bangladesh has over 18 million primary school students, which is approximately 98 percent of children of primary school age enrolling in school. But, Bangladesh has nearly 9 million secondary students.

This quantity is going down in next level. In higher secondary level, Bangladesh may have 5 to 6 million students. The quantity is also further decrease in higher education. Bangladesh has 3.2 million students in higher education.

Disclaimer: This information may vary from one source to another. And the writer doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of given statistics.

In this previous section, I have share statistic to recall you that in every educational level, you have a chance to start education business in Bangladesh. Although education business is called non-profit business, it is the best business in Bangladesh.

Type of education businesses in Bangladesh

In education sector, you will get a lot of business opportunities. In this section, you are going to learn some well-known types of education business.

1. Coaching Business

This is the best category education business in Bangladesh. You can open a coaching center and target any level of students irrespective of primary or post graduate students. In coaching business, most profitable niches are post graduate students for job coaching and post higher secondary students for admission test. Although admission coaching is seasonal, it has high chance to make money in seasons that may cover the whole year.

How to make money from coaching business

Suppose, you open a coaching center for high school students. You have to rent some rooms and decorate these rooms. After that you have to collect students by advertising. The next process is hiring teachers and pay them per class basis. After giving rent, staff expenses and other expenses, you will get the rest amount as profit.

Capital for coaching business

Amount of capital for coaching business may vary based on advance payment and placement of coaching center. You can start with 1 lack to 2 lack unless you pay much money for advance.

2. Educational Book Business

Educational book business is undoubtedly most profitable business. As Bangladesh has large number of unemployed people and government jobs are considered prestigious job, job books are best profitable books in Bangladesh. You can open a publication and appoint writers to work for you.

For example, you can target job books to solution guides for kindergarten’ students to higher education’s students. Or if you have skill on math, English or any subject, you can publish your own book. In Bangladesh, one job book is enough to earn thousands to crores money.

3. Private School Business

In city areas, you can start kindergarten to private school. This business requires small capital that may be 5 lacks to 10 lacks. If you have large money, you can begin with own campus which will reduce extra rent expenses per month and expand your institute’s reputation. Guardians will trust on your school.

4. Private College Business

Similarly, you can open a college. But before deciding to open a college, you should forecast the college students in your selected area. You have learnt from the student enrollment statistics that college going students are less than school going students. So, it is somehow difficult to get sufficient college students to afloat your business. Moreover, establishing private college is costly.

5. Private University Business

At present, private university business is one of the best profitable businesses in Bangladesh. As formation of private university needs both money and strict rules and regulations, anyone can’t establish a private university.

Why private university business is profitable?

The number of public universities in Bangladesh is lower than the number of higher education seekers. For example, in 32-34 public universities in Bangladesh can approximately offer admission nearly 60,000 to 80,000 students each year.

If 10,00,000 students pass HSC exam (this is just an assumption not actual figure), where the rest of nearly 9 lack students take admission for higher education? Other students can admit in private or National or Vocational institutions.

As government public universities can’t room for so many students, a large number of students admit in private universities. So, a private university have no chance to lose unless it is unable to collect required students.

6. Tuition Business

Students can earn money from tuition business. In many cases, this business doesn’t require any capital. So, you can do one of more tuitions to cover your expenses.

7. Training Business

You can start training programs if you have special skill in any area. For example, English Language training program, Corporate training program, Career training program etc.

8. Tuition Media Business

Anyone can open a tuition media. For this, you need one room office. Later, you will start advertising in different areas of a city for collecting guardians and teachers. In this case, advertisement works as double swords- single ads for buyers and suppliers.

Do you need tutor for your children? Contact us ……this line for guardians’ attention.

For teacher….

Do you need tuition? Communicate with us by following number.

In this business, the owner collects commission from teachers. This commission rate may 40% to 70% of first month salary amount. As the owner has investment, he can charge a small commission rate that may 10% to 20% from first month salary. As a tutor needs tuition seriously, he may not able to give high commission amount. Moreover, tuition from media has a lot of problems.

Why does education business the best business?

In the aforementioned discussion, you have learnt that all categories of education business are profitable. Education business in Bangladesh is profitable because of below reasons.

1. Bangladesh has large number of students. They need educational institutions and private programs.

2. Unemployment rate is high. So, job seekers buy job books and admit job coaching centers.

3. Bangladeshi are job oriented. Hence, they do everything to get a good job.

4. Bangladesh Government has emphasized to educate all citizens.

5. Bangladesh is developing country which is lack behind of technical skill. So, general education has high demand. As a result, it creates business opportunities.

Final thought

From above categories, you can start with any category. But never compromise service. Try to less expensive your education business. As I start with the best business in Bangladesh-education business, I have a desire to say. That is, provide best education service with low cost.

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