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How can I buy shares in Bangladesh?

How can I buy shares in Bangladesh?


You can buy shares in Bangladesh by opening a BO account. But foreign citizens have to follow strict formalities to open a BO account in a Bangladeshi brokerage house. For example, Passport information must be needed for foreigners to invest in Bangladesh Stock Market.

Pre-requirements for buying shares in Bangladesh

First of all, open a bank account in order to create a BO account. Secondly, open a BO account. Finally, deposit money in your BO account via online or offline deposit method to buy shares.

How to buy shares

At first select some stocks to analysis. Then analysis these stocks by using fundamental and technical analysis. Top 9 technical analysis tools will help you to learn about technical analysis. Moreover, best fundamental indicators will teach you how to choose stock for long term investment.

Choose the best stock to invest. Then, wait and see the market movement and sell when your holding will increase at certain percentage.  Try to buy as lowest price as possible for investment.

How to sell shares

For trading, 5% to 10% gain is enough to sell off. But for long term investment, 20% to 30% capital gain is enough because this return is more than the fixed deposit return.

Buying shares through DSE app

You can use DSE app to put buy-sell order if you have access in DSE. DSE app supports real time buy- sell order. Currently, these is no charge for using DSE app.

Can an Indian invest in Bangladesh stock market?

Yes. An Indian can invest in Bangladesh stock market. Indian can invest by following non-resident investment procedure.

Can US citizens invest in Bangladesh Stock Market?

Yes. US citizens can open a BO account in Bangladeshi brokerage house to start investing in Bangladesh Stock Exchange.

Which brokerage house is best in Bangladesh?

It is difficult to say which brokerage house is the best brokerage house in Bangladesh. You can see the top 10 brokerage houses list in Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchange. That doesn’t indicate that these are the top brokerage houses. Ask the following question to find out best brokerage house.

1. Does its commission rate cheaper that others?

2. Does it has online trading app?

3. Does its customer support good?

If answer of these questions is “YES”, this brokerage house is the best.

How many brokerage houses are there in Bangladesh?

At present, Dhaka Stock Exchange has listed 261 brokerage houses (TREC Holder List). You can choose any brokerage house from the list in CSE if you want to buy shares from CSE.

Which is best company to buy shares?

You can see top 20 stocks in DSE. Remember that, top 20 stocks always change position based on certain criteria.

How can I invest in Bangladesh from India?

You can invest in Bangladesh from India by following these procedures. Firstly, arrange a passport and TIN to open a client account in Client Account. Secondly, search a brokerage house in Bangladesh. Thirdly, after opening BO account, deposit money through wire transfer or online deposit system. Finally, start investing in Bangladeshi stocks.

How many stock markets are there in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has two stock exchanges: Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange. Between two stock exchanges, Dhaka Stock Exchange is the first and largest stock exchange in Bangladesh.

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