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65 Most common questions about CMA (ICMAB) Bangladesh


In this article, you are going to learn 65 most common questions about CMA (ICAMB) Bangladesh. The institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB) was established by the Cost and Management Accountants Ordinance 1977 (Ordinance No. LIII of 1977).

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1. What is ICMAB?

The elaboration of ICMAB is The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh. This Institute provides CMA degree in Bangladesh.

2. What is CMA?

CMA is the Cost and Management Accountant. It is one of the best professional degrees in Bangladesh.

3. When a member will be entitled for ACMA (ASSOCIATE COST & MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT)

In order to get this title, a member has to show three years of working experience after passing all the subjects.

4. When a member will be entitled for FCMA (FELLOW COST & MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT)

After another 5-year experience along with fulfilling some more criteria, a member can entitle FCMAB after his name.

5. Minimum Cost for CMA At least 100000 tk.

6. Exam fee vary from 500tk to 625 tk. For Correspondence path, you have to count 1000tk fine if you fail to submit assignment. For coaching route, you have to attend at least 75% classes to avoid 1000tk fine.

7. It is and professional degree. So, you may have to read more than 2 books.

8. You may get exam result within 50 to 60 days after completing exam.

9. Admission is validated up to 10 years. Average duration to time to pass CMA is 4 to 6 years.

10. You will get advantage if you are strong in English.

11. You can take part exam as many times as you want. There is no time limit for CMA degree.

12. A candidate can admit from any background: Business, Science and Arts.

13. You can submit assignment by hand writing or typing. This depends on instruction. You can get assignment topics in your ERP system. But you have to submit within deadline.

14. You can get 15 to 30 classes in coaching system. That may cover you basic.

15. ICMAB has adapted CIMA UK syllabus from 2021. So, you have to read CIMA UK books.

16. After completing the CMA degree, you can take ACCA degree after passing 5 more subjects.

17. ACCA has 13 subjects. You will get 8 to 9 subject exemptions. ACCA, CIMA will help you to do job in foreign countries.

18. ou will get 4 subject exemption for CA if you have completed CMA. Moreover, you have to do 2 years articleship instead of 3 years.

19. CMA current members about 1600+-. Nearly 30% of members are settle in foreign countries.

20. What are the importance of CMA degrees?

For building a sustainable corporate career in Accounts, Costing, Finance and Auditing, CMA is one of the best professional degrees in Bangladesh.  For Management and Cost Accountant career, CMA is the number one best professional degree in Bangladesh. You can Read: Why should you study for CMA (ICMAB) degree in Bangladesh?

21. What are the main benefits of CMA degree?

A jobholder can do a world class professional degree like CMA along with full time job. For CA degree, initially, a candidate can’t maintain day job along with CA degree.  So, CMA is the best choice for jobholders.

22. What is the admission procedure of CMA degree?

ICMAB circulates two sessions admission each year- one is January – June session and another one is July – December session.  A student can admit one of two sessions. There are two entry routes to admit in CMA degree. Coaching entry route for full time students and Correspondence path for jobholders.

23. What are the requirements of admission?

Minimum qualified Grade for SSC and HSC is 6.5 out of 10 for intermediate entry route and 6 points for graduate entry route. for details, you can read ICMAB Entry Criteria for learning details. For admission, a student has to pay 28500 for foundation level entry.

24. What documents do you need for admission?

You need to submit the following documents such as photocopies of all certificates and transcripts, one copy passport size photo and two stamp size photos. He may pay admission fee both online and offline. Read how to admit by online admission system.

25. What are the entry routes of CMA?

CMA has both intermediate entry route and graduate entry route.  A student can admit immediately after passing HSC exam in foundation level. On the contrary, graduate level entry opens for all who have passed graduation.

26. Exemption Policy of CMA

All public universities students who have completed BBA and have minimum CGPA 3 out of 4 are eligible for maximum 3 courses exemption. Moreover, some selected private universities’ students are eligible for exemption. Learn more about exemption policy.

If you admit after Intermediate or running honors, you have to study 20 subjects for 2000 marks.

If you admit after completing BBA you can get maximum 3-course exemptions. And you have to pass 1700 marks to become member of CMA.

If you have BBA on Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management and have at least 3 CGPA, you can easily get 3 subjects exemption.

27. What is mean partly qualified in CMA?

There is no certificate for partly qualified. Even there is no specific courses requirements for partly qualified. Generally, if you can pass at least 1000 marks, you may say that you are partly qualified because many job circulars ask for 1000 marks completeness as partly qualified. You will get testimonial from ICMAB to prove yourself as partly qualified.

28. How many times do exam take in CMA each year?

Three times in a year. 1. January/February; 2. May/ June; 3. September/October. But you have to seat for exam after six months if you have admitted for the first time. After that you can seat for exam for 3 times in a year.

29. How many levels in CMA?

5 levels: Foundation Level, Intermediate Level1 &1 and Advanced Level 1 & 2. Each level has 400 marks and has 4 courses.

30.  How many students pass CMA exam each year?

 You can read students statistics to learn how many students pass each year.

31. Why do you get exam question of CMA

You can learn exam questions pattern to get exam questions ideas. Morever, you can get previous years exam questions in ICMAB website and Library.

32. How can you get CMA syllabus?

Go through this link to get syllabus of 2021.

33. What is CMA space?

It is a platform where a student can get recorded classes and can see by log in CMA space by ERP system.

34. What is E-Library?

ICMAB provides E-Library facilities to its registered students.

35. Is it possible to admit for a job holder? If it is then what is the procedure for the admission?

Yes, a jobholder can admit in CMA. A jobholder can admit through correspondence path. To attend in the classes isn’t mandatory for correspondence admission.

36. Is there any chance to attend evening classes?

Yes. Most of the classes are scheduled in evening. For example, 6 pm to 9 pm.

37. If I fail a subject at one level, will I be able to admit to the next level?

You can run maximum two levels at a time. So, if you fail in one level, you can take subjects from another level. But you have to complete first two levels to admit third level. Similarly, you have to pass two and three levels to admit fourth level and so on.

38. What is the pass mark in each subject?

Pass marks are not disclosed by ICMAB authorities. So, no one can surely say the passing marks level except CMA exam committee. Also passing marks vary from one session to another.

39. Which level is to be admitted by completing BBA or MBA?

You have to admit foundation level. Latest syllabus allows all students to start with foundation level.

40. Government job vs CMA which is better

CMA is not a govt job. It is one of the best professional degrees in Bangladesh for corporate job holders who want to build career in finance, accounts, costing and audit department.

41. What is the difference between the two- coaching and correspondence?

Actually, there is one major difference between coaching and correspondence path. In coaching entry, a student has to attend at least 70% classes to avoid fine. In correspondence entry, a student needs to submit assignment.

Otherwise he has to count fine 1000 tk per subject to attend the exam. Specially, coaching entry is suitable for full time students and correspondence path is suitable for jobholders. Join the group CMA (ICMAB) Community Bangladesh

42. What need to admit for CMA?

You can admit both online and offline method. For foundation level admission, you have to pay 28500 tk. You should better to follow offline method. Go to nearest CMA office with the photocopy of all academic certificates and transcripts, 1 copy passport size photo and 2 copy stamp size photos along with original copies.

43. How can I get previous year questions paper to get ideas about exams?

You can get previous year questions in ICMA website.

44. What are the exam procedures or rules?

First of all, you have to registered courses for exam by paying exam fee. Then you will seat for exam. For 100 marks, you have 180 minutes to attempt all the questions. You will get full course plan in CMA manual which will provide after confirming your admission.

45. How many students have pass in a year?

Merely small number of students qualify in exam. You can see exam result to get ideas.

46. Do all exams consist of MCQ or have written exam too?

Both MCQ and written part in exam. MCQ is less weight than math, case studies and others part.

47. My professional BBA is running. Can I start CMA degree?

Yes, you can. For this, you have to enter through intermediate route. So, you will not get any exemption any subject. You can start with BBA if you don’t read in public universities or selected private universities. My suggestion to you, you should start CMA after BBA program

48. What are the Advantages of Coaching Entry Route?

1. Class facility by reputed teacher;

2. Library facility. You can use library for group study

3. Networking with seniors who are doing corporate jobs

4. Learning directly in physical class by asking question

49. What is the total number of courses in CMA?

2000 marks.

50. How many labels of CMA?

5 levels. Each level has four courses and each course has 100 marks in total.

51. How much is the cost per label?

See the details in fee and charge of CMA degree. Join the group CMA (ICMAB) Community Bangladesh

52. Do I need admission test for CMA admission?

No. you need minimum 6 points-that may vary from time to time- for admission directly.

53. Do I attend regular class?

For coaching route, you have to attend at least 70% classes to avoid fine. But, classes are necessary for correspondence admission.

54. How many days are classes taken in week?

You should see the class system so that you can understand the classes schedule.

55. Can an engineering or arts background do the CMA degree.


56. Will an engineering or arts background student get any exemption?


57. Will a National University student get exemption?

Yes. Join the group CMA (ICMAB) Community Bangladesh

58. How to calculate minimum points?

Minimum points calculation system for eligibility.

59. Why do I get study material?

From CMA Professional Program Handbook, you will get all study material details.

60. What is the difference between the two? Coaching and correspondence please.

Coaching path is suitable for full time students.  On the other hand, correspondence path is for full time jobholders. You can attend in classes even you admit correspondence path.

For details about courses plan, you should admit and collect CMA manual.

61. Why should I go for admission?

You have to go CMA any branch for completing admission procedure. Join the group CMA (ICMAB) Community Bangladesh

62. How can CMA degree help my banking career?

CMA doesn’t directly help you in banking career. But CMA will create extra advantage to you, such as promotion priority. As you will more qualified than your co-workers, you will get extra favor from upper management. 

Moreover, you can earn extra income by doing part time job, such as part time agreement with company for cost audit or cost control. But for banking career, it is better to get chance in BIBM for (MBM) degree.

63. After completing CMA, will I get BBA equivalent certificate?


So far, I know ICMAB does not say about this. CMA has two entry routes- intermediate and graduates. ICMAB doesn’t circulate BBA equivalent degree if anyone completes CMA. If you want to know more, you can contact with CMA education Department. So far, I know, they may not such facility.

64. How many students every year pass CMA exam?

See the students’ statistics to get the answer.

65. Do I need private to pass exam?

It’s up to you. If you can’t cover your syllabus by yourself, you can take help from others. You can also join our group to get guidelines.

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