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Frequently Ask Questions

Welcome to Frequently Ask Questions page. In this article, you will learn some frequently ask questions about Financial Ask, stock market and personal finance management.

What is Financial Ask?

The Financial Ask provides financial information about stock market, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, strategies, trading, investing, books review and personal finance management.

Actually, this page is the shortlist of Financial Ask’s contents. You can browse the list and read your favorite posts.

1. Stock market basic knowledge: 44 stock market terms

2. How to start investing in share market for beginners?

3. Share market basic knowledge for beginners

4. When to sell a stock for profit: 10 stock selling steps

5. When to buy a stock & when to sell a stock: Best Tips

6. RSI indicator buy and sell signals: RSI technical analysis

7. What are the best fundamental indicators for stocks?

8. 15 common trading mistakes and how to avoid them

9. How to read candlestick chart for trading: trading chart

10. How do you make money from downtrend trading?

11. How to use stop loss order to protect trading capital

12. What are the stock price manipulation tactics and how to take decision?

13. How to trade trend stock reversal?

14. How to buy stock for long term investment?

15. Why does stock trading better than investing?

16. Why does stock price fall after record date?

17. Why you shouldn’t invest in the stock market

18. How does dividend declaration impact on stock price?

19. 10 Effective Tips How to Save Money Fast on a Low Income

20. How to pick stock to win swing trading?

21. What are the 20 day trading strategies?

22. What is the Dhaka stock exchange’s broad index analysis?

23. How to evaluate EPS for long term investment?

24. When should you convert trading into short term investment?

25. What are the top 5 price sensitive date that affects stock trading?

26. 20 common reasons why should you avoid day trading?

27. Should traders hold stocks for dividend?

28. How to get out of debt fast with low income

29. How can you achieve financial freedom by low income?

30. How to apply value at risk VaR technical indicator for stock trading?

31. How Can You Effectively Reduce Monthly Expenses Fast?

32. Why investing in land is a smart choice for low earners?

33. Top 9 Technical Analysis Tools for Stock Trading

34. Day Trading Guidelines for Beginners to Advanced

35. T+1, T+2 & T+3 transaction settlement process

36. Does It Possible to Get Rich by Trading?

37. How to know when to buy and sell stocks for trading

38. Bangladesh Stock Market Overview: Investing Analysis in DSE & CSE

39. How can I start investing in stocks in Bangladesh? Investing in DSE & CSE

40. Bangladesh Share Market Analysis: How to Take Buying & Selling Decision

41. Does Bangladesh Stock Market allow short selling?

42. Does Day Trading Allows in Bangladesh Stock Market?

43. Does Bangladesh Stock Market allow Circuit Breaker?

44. Reason behind Stock Market Crash in Bangladesh in 1996 & 2010-11

45. How to save money for a house: Tips and Tricks

46. How can Bangladeshi invest in foreign stocks? Investing in US stock market

47. How to save money for a car with low income: Tips & Tricks

48. Is there any stock market in Bangladesh?

49. How can I buy shares in Bangladesh?

50. How do I open a BO account in Bangladesh?

51. 80 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh [2022]

52. Impact of Circuit Breaker in Bangladesh Stock Market

53. Best Business in Bangladesh (2022)- Education Business

54. How to Start Dealership Business in Bangladesh [2022]

55. 21 Most Profitable Online Business Ideas in Bangladesh [2022]

56. Ecommerce Business in Bangladesh [2022]: Present, Past & Future

57.  How to invest in land in Bangladesh

58. Stock Bangladesh: Ultimate Investing Solution in Bangladesh Stock Market

59. Cost Accountant Cover Letter Format

60. Cost Accountant CV Format: Free Download in Word File

61. How to get out of 9 to 5 job early

62. Most common questions about CMA (ICMAB) Bangladesh

63. Why should you study for CMA (ICMAB) degree in Bangladesh?

64. How to Survive a Corporate Job: Practical Solution

65. Why C Suite Executive Salary So High?

66. Joint Products Costing Problem and Solution

67. Dollar Rate Increasing: A Dangerous Sign for Bangladesh

68. Bangladesh Employment Future

69. How to develop skills for corporate career

70. Top 6 Profitable Online Business Ideas in Bangladesh

71.Top 6 Internet Business in Bangladesh

72. CMA (ICMAB) Assignment Solution for Correspondence Students

73. How to become an expert stock trader?

74. Why should you have a professional degree ?

75. Best Personal Finance Books of all time

76. Personal Finance Books for Beginners

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