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How to get out of 9 to 5 job early

How to get out of 9 to 5 job early


You can get out of 9 to 5 job early if you can follow one of the two below solutions. Before sharing the two solutions, I like to share the vicious circle of the rat race of a 9 to 5 jobholder. Perhaps, your life may match with Mr. Sakim’s rat race life. The below story is an imagination, which indirectly represents most of the full-time jobholders.

A Story of 9 to 5 jobholder

Mr. Sakim is an assistant manager- Finance & Accounts Department in a Bangladeshi Local Company. His monthly salary is 40k tk- similar to 445 dollars. From this salary, he sends 5k to his parents, who reside in a village. From remaining salary, he pays monthly rent 10k for house in city. So far, he has 25k in hand. His three children’s monthly educational expenses are 10k. Moreover, Sakim spends at least 10k for monthly family food expenses.

At this stage, he has only 5k tk for rest of the month. This 5k is used for medical and other expenses purpose. Aftermath, he will have zero balance at the end of the month. Sometimes, he has to borrow money from relatives for the family. As he has apparently no saving, he must fall in difficulty to repay the loan. This is the actual story of rat race. This is not a single story is our community. Mr. Sakim is going to cross 5 decades in his life.

A 50 years old adult man earns 40k and has no saving at all, how can he manage extra money to arrange so-called large marriage ceremony for his two daughters? How will he manage fund for emergency need? What will happened in case he loses the job all on a sudden? As private employees have no pension benefit in Bangladesh, hundreds of thousands of private employees face difficultly when they lose job without prior notice.

But in corporate life, an employee can be terminated within a minute. How pathetic a private employee’s life is! Remember that this story is not for Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who earns thousands of dollars each month. The number of six digits earners in corporate sector may not exceed 5%.

Solutions to get out 9 to 5 job

Corporate life is challenging. To cope with corporate war, a private employee has two suitable options.

Solution No. 01

Develop skill and experience continuously. An employee can develop skill by learning updated technology and market trend. He can create value by achieving professional degrees. So, he should achieve new professional degrees and learn new skill to get a handsome salary. Otherwise, his existing skill and experience will be valueless or constant in near future.

Thus, he will remain in vicious circle. If he can earn 6 digits salary in month, he has enough chance to saving money. From saving, he can invest in stock market or any other business to get out of rat race early. Whether you earn 6 digits or not you have to invest money to retire from day job early.

Solution No 02

Create a small business along with present job. I can share some successful corporate personnel, who have managed to get out vicious circle by creating second, third and even fourth sources of income. They have no fear to lose day job. In case they are fired from existing job, they will spend full force in their small businesses and will earn more than their present job’ income.

From my side, I recommend you to follow this second solution. When you can get out of job and manage your family by self- employment, you will see yourself as stress free happy man!

In Conclusion

In order to leave day job, you have to create second source of income. You can easily create many sources of income if you save money and invest in profitable businesses. So, in your early corporate career, you must focus on career growth and learn business properly so that you can create your own business.

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