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How to Survive a Corporate Job Practical Solution

How to Survive a Corporate Job: Practical Solution


How to survive a corporate job in competitive job market is a burning question among us because in corporate world, you may have more hidden foes than friends. In this article, I am going to share some personal observations and probable solution to avoid such unwanted situation. So, read the whole post to learn how to survive a corporate job in competitive job market!!!

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Situation No. 01

One of my colleagues shared a past job experienced with me. When he was in his previous job, one of his senior colleagues asked him to resign from his post. This guy wanted to provide this job to one of his relative. So, he was trying to oust my colleague from his position by any cost.

What should you do in this situation? Ask yourself. My colleague also took a step. He searched for a job and quitted that job when he could manage another job.


When we face an unavoidable situation and we have nothing to do to figure out any favorable solution, we should search for another job. Remember that you will easily not break a well-established corporate culture in an organization unless you belong to top management.

Situation No. 02

A top influential manager argued with Managing Director (MD) for an issue. The manger forgot that he is just an employee of the organization and MD is the owner of the organization. No employee thought that he (The Influential Manager) was fired instantly.


Always think that you are just an employee of the business. You may have created a strong value for the business. But owner is the king and you are merely a servant in the kingdom. So, try to avoid unnecessary argue with top management.

Situation No. 03

An employee made a rumor about one of top management member. The rumor was widespread by his co-workers. This top management member also heard the rumor. Consequently, the rumor maker was fired.


You should try to avoid sharing sensitive talk with your colleagues. You may make a fun for any issue but you may have to pay for this. Your colleagues aren’t your brothers. So, don’t discuss any sensitive issue with them. Many colleagues are the friendly foes!!

Situation No. 04

Imagine Mr. X is a manager for a so-called organization. Top management hired a Sr. officer for an important section whose salary is higher than this so-called manager. As this section belongs to the manager control, the manager became disappointed. As a result, the Sr. Officer also ousted from that organization.


Salary is a sensitive issue. You should learn the salary structure of the organization before joining. If you can learn that you are going to join with a qualified team and handsome salary structure, you should join. Otherwise, you have to think twice!!

Situation No. 05

Mr. X manager has recently been enforced a lot of work and given very short time to accomplish all of these tasks. And he is abused for simple reason. Management indirectly wants to say that he is not fit for the organization.


If you face such situation, you have to know yourself. Try to justify whether you have necessary skill to perform all duties of the position. No business wants to pay for your underperformance. So, if you think you are not the right person for the post, you should find out another job which is best fit to your knowledge, skill and experience.

So far, we have learnt some situation where we should think negatively. Now, we are going to learn some positive situation. So, carry on your reading for further knowing how to survive a corporate job!!

Situation No. 06

Management is continuously assigning new task to you. And you are trying hard and soul to perform all the tasks in assigned time schedule. Management is happy for you work.


This is a good sign for you. You have high chance to get promotion. If any new vacancy creates, management will consider you as a suitable candidate in case they have trust on your performance. So, never stop learning. Try to gather diversified knowledge.

Situation No. 07

Suppose your organization has many posts vacant for years. You are working very hard for a desired vacant post.  If you belong to enough skill for the post, you have high chance to get promoted for this post.


Set up a goal and work for this. Organization always tries to find out suitable candidate from existing employees. So, not only work for your current post but also work for potential post.

Situation No. 08

Mr. X is an officer for 5 years. He works very hard for his current post. But he hesitates to learn about others’ job responsibilities. He always happy with his present performance.


A reputed group CEO (Chief Executive Officer) said in an interview that he was joined as marketing officer in this company about 12-13 years ago. After 12-13 years corporate career, he becomes CEO and some of his co-workers remain the same post years after years.

If he didn’t learn new skill and experience, he never became CEO. So, you should learn from surroundings. Your colleagues never help you to learn more than them. Hence, you have to learn from them by observing and applying tricky tactics.

Situation No. 09

Mr. Y is very conscious about his surroundings. He tries to figure out continuously what is happening in his organization.


It is a very good skill to keep an eye on your organization. Attempt to figure out what is happening around you is a good sign to take necessary steps before any unwanted situation occurs.

Situation No. 10

Mr. M is a gentle man. He never involves in corporate politics or grouping. All of his colleagues like him because he never misbehaves with anyone and cooperates them when they face problems. In a single sentence, he has a strong positive relationship from colleagues to top management.


Always recall that a corporate job is not a permanent job. For this, you should build strong network to get help from other. If you help other at their dangers, they also may help you at your danger. You don’t know what is happening is future. Try to avoid arrogant behave. Build network for your betterment.

Surviving in a corporate job is really a herculean task. You should avoid potential crashes with colleagues to survive in corporate job. Never create any foe in your workplace. I hope you have learnt something for the question- how to survive a corporate job.

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