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Top 6 Internet Business in Bangladesh

Top 6 Internet Business in Bangladesh


In Bangladesh, you may face difficulty to earn sufficient money from internet business. But it is not impossible to earn from online business. In this article, you are going to learn about top 6 most profitable internet business ideas in Bangladesh.

1. Start Blogging Business

Although blogging is a profitable small internet business in Bangladesh, you should do it along with other occupation. You may know the buzzword of “Affiliate Marketers”. Blogging has different types. For example: Personal blogging, affiliate marketing, business blogging etc.

In order to start blogging, you have to select low competitive niche. As a Bangladeshi, you may start blogging with Bengali language. Although you have limited audience in Bangladesh, you can easily rank your blog. So, start your blogging with low completive niche.

Remember that online earning comes from AdSense, Sponsorship, Banner Add, Brand Promoting, Affiliate Marketing so on.

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2. YouTube Channel

Don’t you have a YouTube channel? Don’t worry! You also can start YouTubing in case you have any knowledge. In Bangladesh, entertainment and news channels are more popular than other channels. You along with some of your friends can start a comedy channel to entertain others.

Before starting, try to find out a low competitive niche to start internet business in Bangladesh. Remember that earning from AdSense is the great source of revenue both for blogging and YouTubing. In order to apply for monetization, you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watch time within last one year.

3. Affiliate Marketing Business

This is another great online business idea. Many people start affiliate marketing to sales others’ product. Affiliate marketing may several types. For example, acting as sponsor of a company, selling products for commission, earning for promoting brand etc. are well known affiliate earning. You can choose any of them. Just create an affiliate website to start affiliate business.

4. Facebook Page

You may have heard that your friend has a Facebook page which may have more than 5000 likes. Opening a Facebook page is not a herculean task. In Bangladesh, you can start a comedy or entertainment page. Later, you have to create videos for you channel.

If you have special skill, such as technical or soft skill, you can make videos and upload them into your page. You can apply for monetization if your page has 10,000 likes and followers and certain number of watch hours.

5. Online News Portal

Banner ads is the great source of earning for news portal. You can start this business by creating a news portal website. Later, you have to post update news. You can earn from AdSense, banner ads, sponsorship, affiliating. Just try to create a professional website.

6. Questions and Solution-Based Website

You may know the name of Quora, which is one of the best questions and solutions-based website. In Bangladesh, bissoy answer is such type of website. Considering your skill, interest and expertise, you can start your own query-based website. You can earn from this website in many ways.

By reading this article, I hope you can choose an internet business in Bangladesh to start. Remember, at the beginning, you may not earn a single dollar. After time passing, you may start earning. So, stay with your business.

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