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Privacy Policies of Financial Ask

Privacy policies of Financial Ask (FA) are always maintained strictly. FA doesn’t collect users’ data. Moreover, FA always concerns about the privacy of users. This site provides information for educational purpose.

This site never shares users’ emails to any third party. So, users don’t need to worry about data theft.  Our terms and conditions don’t breach privacy policies. FA maintains safety and privacy very strictly.

Third Party Relationship

Financial Ask does not provide any information to third-party. FA believes that users are the mainstream for a website. So, this site doesn’t use cookies or any other media to collect users’ data. FA has no relationship with third parties to sell data.

Privacy Policies in Comments

FA doesn’t allow to display emails in comment section. Many agencies collect email address for marketing purpose. Even hackers use email address for spreading spam or virus. So, FA privacy policy does not show any email address in comment section.

FA Marketing Privacy Policies

Financial Ask has no relationship with any marketing agency. Moreover, FA is not marketing agency itself. The purpose of this site is providing financial information to all. So, FA makes sure that its privacy policies don’t breach any user trust.

How we preseve personal data

First of all, FA intentionally never preserves any personal data for commercial use. Google analytics may show some broad information about users’ country, age, city and interest. But, this broad information can’t be used for any purpose. Since FA doesn’t gather other data, you need to worry about privacy. FA always stay with your side.

Subscription Policy

Users can subscribe our website. But, if he wants to unsubscribe, he can easily click unsubscribe button. Users can also delete browser’s history to protect themselves.

Childen’s Privacy Policy

This site is not designed for children. Because, this site is for investing purpose. So, FA never collects data about children.