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Profitable Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Top 16 Small Business in Bangladesh


In this article, you are going to learn top 16 profitable small business ideas in Bangladesh. Although doing a business in Bangladesh is not so easy task, you can start any of 16 small business easily. So, read the whole article attentively.

1. Freelancing

At present, freelancing provides the independent career option as you can work from home. It has created great opportunity. But Bangladeshi can’t outperform in freelancing because of two main reasons: start freelancing without sufficient expertise; and poor knowledge in English language.

So, you should not choose freelancing unless you have achieved enough confident both in required soft skill and communication skill. Try to excel your skill to survive in freelancing business. Recently, many small IT firms are running freelancing business from Bangladesh.

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2. Event Management

In city, now a days, community centers are used for almost all wedding ceremonies. Hence, event management has in urgent demand. You can take this opportunity. At the outset, you have to investment money to promote your business. Moreover, try to create goodwill and trust among your probable audience. If you can manage 5 to 10 events in a month, you can get enough revenue to sustain with your team members.

3. Blogging Business

Blogging is a profitable business if you can choose a right niche and create a big audience. By blogging, you can earn through Adsense, Banner Ads, Sponsorship etc. Blogging needs both technical and soft skill and experience. You can reduce blogging cost if you can write content by yourself.

4. YouTubing

Like blogging, YouTubing is a profitable small business in Bangladesh. From my observation, YouTubing is more profitable than blogging in Bangladesh if you can target Bangladeshi audience only. Blogging needs English content to target across the world. But you have enough chance to grow in Bangladesh by making Bangla videos.

5. Bakery Business

You can start a bakery business with a small capital. Capital amount may vary from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs based on size and placement of your business. In a small bakery, you can appoint 10 to 15 employees to run day to day activities. In this way, you can help 15 people by creating employment opportunity for them. This is a profitable business in Bangladesh if you can understand the business properly. Thanks to cheap child labor in Bangladesh, you can run this business with a low working cost.

6. Start a Garments Lot Business

Export oriented garment companies sometimes sell garments which are not shipped for one or two reasons at cheap rate. You can buy whole lot and sell to retailers. Although you may not get garments all the time to buy, you can do this business along with other businesses or full-time job. For this business, you have to connect with garment companies and retailers. Buy at cheap rate from garment companies and sell at high rate to retailers. You work as a middle man.

7. E-commerce Business

For running an E- commerce site, you need a team. Think about Amazon or Alibaba. In Bangladesh, general people have less trust on E-commerce. Daraz and Rokomari have gathered some trust. But still people feel fear to buy any product from online because E- commerce sites are continuously breaking the customers’ trust. You should try to build trust in people’s mind. Otherwise, you will fail in E-commerce business.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Don’t you have any product to sell? Don’t worry. You can sell products from Amazon or Alibaba. Affiliate marketing promotes other products or services to sell. Affiliate marketers get commission from sales. Commission rate is high for digital products. So, try to find out a suitable niche to start affiliate marketing.

9. Start a Fashion House

For this business, you need a mentionable budget. Money requires for renting commercial space, buying machinery, paying salary for employees and spending for decoration. First of all, find out a suitable commercial space. Then spend money on store decoration. Later, hire a professional fashion designer. If you have experience in fashion designing, you can save much money by doing designing role by yourself.

10. Web designing

Web designing has huge demand in foreign countries. But, in order to earn money from web designing or developing, you have to become an expert in this field. In Bangladesh, you can charge at least 1 lakh to 2 lakh for a company’s website. If you can complete 12 projects in a year, you will earn more than 1 lakh tk in a month! Remember that, you must become an expert in this field to earn more than an upper level jobholder.

11. News Portal

For running a news portal, you should spend whole day for it. Your audience expect update news each time. So, you should collect all updated news for your audience. Like blogging, news portal has more chance to grow. For any online business, you need traffic. The more you can create traffic, the more chance to earn. So, at the beginning, you should focus on creating a large audience. Indeed, it is good online business in Bangladesh.

12. Fish Farm

Bangladesh has nearly seventeen crores people. From children to adults, all eat fish every day. So, fish farming is a profitable business in Bangladesh as fish demand is upward trend. How to start fish farming? Fish farming need a pond and some kilograms cultivable little fish. Requirements: A pond, Little fish, men for look after and food for fish.

How much capital does need for fishery?

If you have a pond, you can start with 30k to 50k depending on the size of the pond. But you can start this business by leasing a pond in case you don’t belong to a pond. In this case, you need extra 1 lakh to 2 lakh for advance lease purpose.

13. Duck firming

You can start both fish firming and duck firming in the same pond. You can make a house one side of a pond and letting duck wastages to go in pond to eat by fish. Moreover, you can rear duck both for eggs and meat.  And sell them when they become big.

14. Photography

It is low cost and high demand business idea. You can start with a DSL camera, PC and some other video equipment. Initially, 2 lakh is enough to start the business. If you rent an office and some staffs, you need to spend more money. But it is better to start with small capital. When your business will grow, you can spend more. Goodwill can bring a large number of clients in each month.

15. Salon business

In salon business, you have to rent a shop in a populated place. Later, hire some salon professionals, who will bring revenue for you. You can appoint employees on daily basis, monthly basis or contractual basis. After paying rent and salary, you can make profit in case you have large customers.

16. Tourism Business

Tourism business is a seasonal business in Bangladesh. For example, people like to tour in winter in Bangladesh. So, most of the tourism businesses are based on winter. But, you can target educational institutions so that you will business in off season. Students try to make tour at cheap rate in off season. Although it is seasonal business, your earning will compensate the whole year.

Hope you you can choose 1 profitable small business ideas from 16 small business ideas in Bangladesh.

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