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Is there any stock market in Bangladesh?

Is there any stock market in Bangladesh?


Yes. Bangladesh has stock market. Elaborately, Bangladesh has two stock exchanges: Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange. Between two stock exchanges, Dhaka Stock Exchange is the first and largest stock exchange in Bangladesh.

On 13 May, 1954, Dhaka stock exchange (DSE) started its journey. Later, on 12 February 1995, Chittagong stock exchange (CSE) begun its journey. At present, DSE market capital is 65.65 Billion USD.

Moreover, market capital to GDP ratio is 18.75%. Mainly, DSE has three Indices: DSE X index, DSE S index and DS30 index. Chittagong Stock Exchange, the second stock exchange in Bangladesh, has five Indices: CSE30, CSCX, CASPI, CSI, CSE50.

How to start investing in DSE and CSE?

You can start investing in DSE or CSE immediately after opening a BO account. Dhaka Stock Exchange has own trading app. You should choose a brokerage house which has both DSE and CSE access. But I suggest you to start investing in Dhaka Stock Exchange because it has high trade volume. Almost all investors want to trade in DSE. Before starting investment in DSE, you should know Dhaka Stock Exchange broad index analysis to get the better insight.

How to use DSE mobile app?

At first you have to download DSE app from play store. Then you ask your brokerage house to send one-time password and log in information. After that you have to create a new password. Thus, you are ready to put buy and sell order.  

When to buy shares

You should try to buy at discounted price for long term investment. Near at 52-week lowest price is the suitable time to buy for long term investment. Moreover, investors should calculate actual value of a stock to know the right time to buy. Before putting buy order, try to learn RSI indicator for buying and selling signal and Candlestick Pattern for price movement.

When to sell shares

You should fix a target to put sell order. For long term investment, you can target both capital gain and dividend return. If your holding increases to 30% to 40%, you can sell.


Bangladesh has more than one stock market. But you should invest in DSE as it has huge trade volume. Stocks in DSE has higher movement than CSE.

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