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Why should you study for CMA (ICMAB) degree in Bangladesh?

Why should you study for CMA (ICMAB) degree in Bangladesh?


You should study for CMA (ICMAB) degree in Bangladesh for career growth and social value. When you will complete CMA degree and have 3 years working experience, you can write legally ACMA after your name.

Moreover, a partly qualified student can take testimonial from ICMAB office to prove himself as partly qualified. More importantly, most of the mid- level and upper level finance, accounting, costing, auditing and vat tax jobs want CA or CMA qualified candidates.

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Why don’t you get top position in finance and accounting job?

Simply, you may have no professional degree. Few months ago, on LinkedIn, I saw a post- an employee of Unilever Bangladesh, who is going to UK- Unilever Headquarter as manager of Finance and Accounts from Bangladesh. I studied his profile. He is not only an FCA but also an FCMA. Moreover, he has other degrees too!

Now think about Bangladeshi local companies. They also seek CA or CMA qualified members for Finance and Accounts managerial post. So, if you can’t seek the top position in finance, accounting or costing career, you may not have professional degrees. Hence, you should study CMA degree as early as possible.

Why CMA is better than CA?

No doubt, CA is the number one professional degree in Bangladesh. But think about your life. You may have completed higher education. Your family needs your help badly. So, you have to earn. As you have no other choices except entering any job, you have no time to spend another three years for CA articleship program. In this situation, CMA is the best choice for your career.

CMA has both coaching and correspondence entry routes. Moreover, after completing CMA degree, you can start CA degree. In this situation, you will get exemption some courses. For CMA, you can attend classes at the evening after returning from your office.

CMA is number one choice for which career ?

For costing and budgeting career, CMA is the best choice. As CMA elaboration holds Cost and Management Accountant, it is the number one choice for those who want to grow with Cost Accountant career. Specially, many companies seek CMA degree holders for budgeting department. Some middle range companies have Costing and Budgeting Department which is flourished with CMA professional. So, you should study CMA in order to build career in costing and budgeting.

Why should you achieve CMA degree?

Now come to the main point. As a fresher, your dream should be skyrocketing! Your main focus is for CFO or CEO. For Chief Financial Officer (CFO) post, CA or CMA is the best choice in Bangladesh. If you are a jobholder, in your company, you may have hardly seen CA or CMA qualified member.

So, if you have this degree, you have high chance to become CFO after 8 to 12 years successful career. Moreover, for Chief Executive Officer (CEO) post, CA or CMA degree will definitely helps you. But for CEO post, a world class MBA, specially DU IBA MBA in Bangladesh will provide you extra opportunity.

So, you shouldn’t waste your time by thinking about your career. If you have determined that you will build career in corporate, you should start CMA as early as possible. You can start CMA along with your bachelor degree. In case you have completed 1000 marks along with bachelor degree, you are considered a suitable fresher for any job.

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Frequently Asked Questions about CMA

You can learn most common questions and answers about CMA by reading this post.

1. I am serving in accounting department for 10 years. But I don’t satisfy for my position. What should I do now?

As your colleagues are more qualified than you, they will get better position in a decent company. So, you should start professional degree and learn more to grow your career. Considering your situation, CMA is the best choice for you. You must try to pass at least 1000 marks to grow your career.

2. My dream is for CA degree. But my family needs my help. In this situation, should I admit for CMA degree?

Yes. Our families are the first choice. So, try to find a job and admit in CMA. Both job and study are possible. Work hard and try to pass maximum subjects.

3. I have completed BBA in accounting. What is better for me CA or CMA?

Definitely CA, if you have family support. Otherwise, start with CMA.

4. What degree is better between ACCA or CMA?

In Bangladesh, CMA is better than ACCA. Why did I say it? Because you find hardly job circular where employers seek for ACCA professional. Moreover, you will get more than 95% of circulars where job providers have wanted CA or CMA professional.

5. I have recently admitted in a public university for BBA program. Should I start CMA along with BBA program?

If you want to build your career in corporate sector, you should admit for CMA. You can admit by intermediate route, where you will not get any exemption. That doesn’t matter. You have got at least 5 years- 4 years for BBA and 1 year for MBA- to study CMA along with your varsity life.

If you can pass 3 subjects each year as you can seat for exam three times a year, you will pass 1500 marks. Just try to complete 1000 marks to 1200 marks. That are enough for you. After your varsity life, you will have BBA, MBA and partly qualified CMA degree.

So, you can apply most of the jobs and your salary will higher than your classmates’ salary, who enter similar job like you. So, hurry up!!

6. I want to settle in Europe. But My family wants to stay in Bangladesh. Should I start CMA for professional growth if I decide to settle in Bangladesh?

If you have chance, you should settle in Europe. To be honest, more than 90% of private employees’ earning is not enough to survive properly let alone saving. As they have no saving, they have to face difficulty when they need extra money.

A party qualified CMA or CA cc fresher has to start career from 20k to 30k monthly salary. Many companies have no yearly increment system. Hence, they face hardship to maintain livelihood.

Moreover, uncontrolled price hike is the main culprit to reduce expenses and sacrifice living style. So, if you have chance, go to foreign countries for better living.

Thank you for reading the post. Did you get the answer why should you study for CMA degree? If you have any query why should you study for CMA degree, just comment below. You are welcome to share your thoughts in comment section.

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