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Terms and Conditions of Financial Ask

Welcome to Financial Ask’s terms and conditions page. This site’s mission to share financial information across the globe. “Stock Trading & Investing Solution ” is the slogan of Financial Ask.

Terms and conditions for users

FA is a free tool of providing financial information about stock market and personal finance. Since this site is a free tool, users can use information for educational purpose. Terms and conditions don’t provide right to use information for commercial purpose. However, users can only share links to any platform for educational purpose.

Information Accuracy of FA

The writer of FA provides information from his experience and study. Writer is not a professional financial advisor. He doesn’t guarantee about the accuracy of all information. So, he is not liable for any wrong information.

You are requested to use information at your own risk. You should seek help from financial advisor before taking financial decision. The writer perseveres the right to change any term or condition without prior notice. Users should follow any update brings by this site.

Term and Conditions for Commercial Use

Financial Ask always try to provide the best opportunity to its users. But, its content cannot be used as commercial purpose. Users have right to learn, share , even copy paste for educational purpose. However, if you need any content for commercial use, you should communicate with FA.

How to use FA

You are highly welcome to Financial Ask. We believe, users are the lifeblood of contents. So, no user means, no need to share any information. However, FA doesn’t provide any service for money. If you can learn anything from this site, we are happy.

Terms and Conditions for minors

This’s site information for more than 12 years old audiences. If a minor want to learn something, he can. But, he should discuss with adults before taking any action. However, minors can also use this site for educational purpose.

Affiliates Disclosure

The main purpose of Financial Ask to share investing information to its users. So, FA doesn’t continue any affiliate programs. But, Financial Ask has been monetized by Google AdSense.